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Recipe for A Creative Process

Maybe your creativity has run dry, you stare at a blank page or computer screen and feel lost in negative self-talk. Without a creative process, artists and writers often become cranky, irritable, and depressed. Family and romantic relationships can suffer as a result. It feels impossible to find love for others when you feel deprived... . Read More

Creative Wounds

I grew up surrounded by the arts. As a child I would go to local art openings in Pennsylvania. We’d drive to New York to see exhibits at the Met and the MOMA. My mother, a painter, would stop at Bloch to buy charcoal, oil paints, and sketchbooks. At ten, I regularly drew the figure from life in the woods outside of our house. I’d enter a timeless flow state, completely absorbed in the feel of charcoal on paper and the light on the form.. . Read More

Complex Trauma

Complex trauma is often defined as an on-going stress that feels threatening to one's survival. As children we are psychologically and physically dependent on our parents. Adult children of alcoholics, addicts and/or mentally unstable parents, often struggle with feeling a sense of security in their primary relationships. They don't feel safe because their model for attachment was unpredictable, frightening or unreliable... Read More

Moms' Bill of Rights

As girls we are taught to nurture. We are given baby dolls and play house in preschool. If someone cries, girls generally will rush to the upset person and ask what’s wrong. It’s a sign of concern but girls learn empathy as a reflex. It’s a matter of etiquette and also being perceived as a “nice person” in the world... Read More

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