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Recipe for A Creative Process

Maybe your creativity has run dry, you stare at a blank page or computer screen and feel lost in negative self-talk. Without a creative process, artists and writers often become cranky, irritable, and depressed. Family and romantic relationships can suffer as a result. It feels impossible to find love for others when you feel deprived.

One thing I have learned in my personal and professional life, is that artists need to make art to feel alive. A creative block can also interfere with your sense of self-worth and identity. It's hard to find motivation and meaning when you lack a sense of self. There are several ingredients that feed your imagination:

1. A creative community: Surrounding yourself with supportive and positive like-minded people.

2. Inspiration from looking at art, reading, listening to music- whatever fuels a feeling of spontaneity, emotion, and meaning. These are necessary activities.

3. Empathy: treat yourself with love, respect and kindness. Nobody makes art from self-flagellation!

Making art, music or writing is not a luxury for creative people-it is as essential as breathing air or eating food. As someone with a creative writing and visual art background, I speak your language. I understand how vital this process is. I will listen to your unique pain and guide you to work through whatever is keeping you stuck. I can help restore you to your creative process. I view therapy as a meaningful conversation that can shake you out of your rut. Our sessions can inspire new ideas and help you regain the confidence to make things. Let me support you on your journey.

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